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IDrive "Media" - steep learning curve

Just picked up my X1 yesterday and right now looking up at what seems to be a steep learning curve for the IDrive media options and playing back music.

Let's start with my IPhone 5 Bluetooth - that works fine if I access it through "External devices," but I first thought i would access it through "Bluetooth," which produces nothing. Seems odd to me, since it is definitely transmitting through Bluetooth - there's no cable attached.

USB Flash drive - I read about this option and took one to the dealer with a small group of songs laoded. I couldn't figure out at first how to copy an ITunes playlist onto the flash drive, so I just "dragged" some song selections into the flashdrive icon and they exported. I played that on the way home from the dealership and it was easy to operate and sounded great.

So here's where it gets weird and frustrating - this morning I erased everything from the flashdrive and looked up online how to transfer a playlist. Did so, and checked the playlist was there, in "M3U" format or something like that. Took it down to the X1 - inserted the flashdrive, system picked it up - and started to play the music I had downloaded yesterday and then trashed this morning! It had no listing for the playlist I had exported to the flashdrive this morning.

So either that music is still on the flashdrive even though I can't see it, or the system stored that music. But according to what I read, that only happens with the glovebox USB port. Which I don't see...

What is going on? And if the music was stored - how do I erase it? I can't see those instructions anywhere.,

And how do you pause music? There are no conventional controls that I see...

Then there's the radio...obviously I need to store my presets because that's a lot of steps just to find a station, especially while driving...

As I said, a steep learning curve, and I am just starting out. Probably will all be clear to me soon...I hope so!
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