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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
BMW is trying to make the 3 series the Camry of the entry level luxury segment, as BJ points out, nothing wrong with that. So don't complain when the traditional 3 enthusiasts, or the auto reviewers, prefer MB or Caddy over the handling of the new 3.
This has been going on for several years, at least a decade, so it's not new news.

The 3 Series is two different cars:

1. A $50,000 German luxury car leading the segment it shares with Mercedes Benz C Class.

2. A $36,000 European alternative to a Honda Accord.

Someday when there's a 2 Series Sedan BMW will no longer need to have the stripper version of the 3 Series as the 2 Series will address that pricepoint. Until then, the two-car strategy works quite well.

So when you say "the ATS is attracting new buyers, especially from Mazda and BMW" you ain't talking about us. You're talking about us 15 years ago when all we could afford was the $36,000 stripper.

A fully loaded Honda Accord is $37,000. If one cares more about being seen in a status symbol one can eschew the fully loaded Accord and get the stripped BMW for less money. The ATS can have all of those for all we care, sort of tired of seeing old secretaries and middling middle managers in no-lines passing themselves off as Mr. Big.

No BMW owner getting a well-optioned $50,000 3 Series is giving a second thought to the ATS. That's a laughable idea.

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