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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
The ultimate goal of a sport sedan is to sell millions of units to happy customers. The ATS isn't selling, the Mercedes has plateaued, and the F30 is thriving. All this other rhetoric about "sporty dynamics" matters only to a very small niche of people.

Motor Trend spent 60% of the video talking about infotainment systems. The headline should have been "Infotainment Comparo - BMW By A Landslide" on two accounts: First, it would have been a more honest representation of this bogus comparo, Second, infotainment systems mean more to the average buyer in this segment than steering feel by a ratio of about 100:1.

Sadly, every sales person I drove with for any BMW test drive do confirm that potential buyers are more concerned about rear view cameras and the features of the NAV vs how the car drives. Guess that's what sells and is shaping BMW, sadly we will all be driving Lexus type cars in the future...
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