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Well, I was looking for:

1) Practical family car
2) AWD
3) best possible fuel economy
4) fun to drive

I live in one of those parts of the country where nearly everyone drives a Subaru, and for good reason. So, given the above criteria, what else is there? Really, think about it.

Subaru Imprezza? The only option that gets better fuel economy than an X1: (36 mpg hwy), but is much smaller in cargo capacity (e.g., not good for dogs in the back), and is ridiculously underpowered.

Subaru Outback? Everything you need but nothing you want. It steers like a cow. It also only gets 30 mpg hwy. And, an Outback with lots of options is only marginally less expensive than a basic X1.

VW Golf TDI / Sportwagen TDI? Both perfect family cars that do everything well, are fun to drive, and have amazing fuel economy, but NO AWD option. The Golf R you say? Well, yes it has AWD but it is LOWERED and not really what you want on snow / dirt roads. Also, more expensive than a basic X1.

Mazda CX5? Better driving feel than a Subaru Outback, but also badly underpowered, and not as good fuel economy as the X1. It is a high-riding SUV and it suffers all of the problems that go with it.

If I missed one, please, let me know. The X1 was the only one to fit all the criteria.

Some people say that the X1 answers a question that no one asked, but I feel like BMW was the only company that got it. What if you need practicality and AWD but don't want to drive an SUV?

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