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Originally Posted by Runon MD1 View Post
To KantucKid:

Of course not.

It was the cable issue on top of the sales person's partner at the dealership (he had nothing whatsoever to do with the sale) calling me after I answered the customer survey honestly, giving the highest marks where due and somewhat lower (though far from the lowest) marks when indicated.


So that's it for the dealer. Oh...he still works there, naturally. Others have posted similar experiences with him, by the way.

And I don't expect a cable for every device I own, which is a really silly comment. Apart from the fact that the iPod isn't really an obscure item, for which a cable would be a reasonable expectation, KK misses his own point...why doesn't BMW provide a cable costing it $10 in its $50,000 cars, including the X35i as it does in the X28i? It seems to me that if it did in either, it should be in its more upscale and pricier model, unless I'm missing something.

In response to another poster, who was polite enough to respond without coming across as a jerk by being insulting, my standard iPod cable did not work in my new car, which the service rep told me requires a Y cable. I would add that there are many times when the Y cable, which I purchased, doesn't recognize the iPod (yes, both plugs are in securely).

As to the car brand, I suppose that most manufacturers act the same, so KK probably has a point in that regard.

I don't believe that I am "thin-skinned." I try to look at the overall pros and cons, and act accordingly, as I suspect most of us do.

Thanks for the cordial responses to my post. I am always willing to listen, learn, and admit when I am wrong, but, being human, I typically consider and often respond to and/or act upon suggestions and corrections when offered in a civil manner, without statements as to me that are wildly inaccurate, mean-spirited or accusatory, and which are baseless at best.


He told me, actually yelling, that he distinctly told me to mark everything on the survey "truly exceptional" (what is that, anyway?), as if I was his trained monkey, that I had cost him and his children thousands of dollars, and that if I ever needed anything, he would, in essence, see to it that I didn't get it.

If you have more dealers around you, i hope you switched. No one has the right to tell me how my customer survey should be graded.
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