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When new paint is applied to a car, even when baked, the car is returned with earnest advice not to wax, treat or otherwise suffocate the new paint for a good while. Something in the 30+ day range. And that's in AZ where anything that is going to evaporate barely makes it from the gun to the car in the first place.

It's worth considering that when you pick a car up directly from the manufacturer it can be only a few days old, and rarely older than 2 weeks. Even were I a proponent of clearbras I'd have to think twice about putting them on a car with a paint age which is measured in tens of hours. Especially in cooler seasons when any precautionary curing time would have to be extended. It's the least cured deepest layer of paint which closest to the plastic/metal bodywork that you need to worry about - if someone has to peel off a poorly positioned clearbra section there is a small chance that the paint would choose to stick to the clearbra material and separate from the car body instead. A paint tear would really upset you if you're a fan of perfect paint.

Better to enjoy the car as Gott and BMW intended while in Europe and know that the world's best no-quibble zero-deductible insurance will make you painlessly whole for any paint injuries which might have been mitigated by a clearbra.

While we're on the topic, who ARE those people who cocoon the front of their car in thick heavy black vinyl bras? In AZ. In summer? The environment underneath one of those things has to be even more damaging to paint than the conditions inside a Bolivian unicyclist's jock-strap. (ACKs to NTNOCN, BBC).

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