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This job is extremely easy and like herbp said 20-60 minutes. It is helpful to have an extra set of hands to pull the lines away when you pull the pump out but this doesn't require an experienced person to help just 2 hands. Make sure that you turn the crank over to align the vacuum pump grove vertical. If everything lines up it will slide in all the way nice and easy just watch the seal and make sure that it doesn't get crushed like my buddy did to mine. Here is a like that will explain everything that you need to do to complete this job.

If you could do something for me on your old part after you take it off it would help me out a ton and I would appreciate it. My pump was leaking at the o-ring so I replaced it when I did my timing cover gasket. Now I noticed that it is also leaking from the outside cover on the pump. I can't seem to find it anywhere if I can actually just take that cover off and reseal it with some silicone. Once you take your part off and it is junk to you could you please take that cover off and let me know if it is possible to reseal it or if the whole thing would fall apart. You can see the cover in the second picture. It appears to have 4 maybe 5 bolts to completely pull it off. Thanks for your help.
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