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Thanks for the "pause" hint.

I have the Iphone 5, and it's a bit big and bulky to attach it the USB port and rest in the little cubby down there(where I also keep my sunglasses, by the way). Also, the cord would be awkward when a call comes in. (editing because I just realized I don't need to pick up the IPhone when a call comes in, with Bluetooth...still! I'd rather have a device I can leave in and not have to attach and de-attach every time).

So I am using an older IPod Touch and it works fine.

But if I could get the flashdrive in the USB port to work, that would be my first choice, because - no cord! Again, I actually got music to play off a Flashdrive. The weirdness happened when I took that flashdrive out, back to my computer, trashed the contents, added a "playlist" from ITunes according to instructions I found online, went back to the X1, inserted the flashdrive - and it played the trashed music selections, and couldn't locate the downloaded playlist. Twilight Zone.

I will try a different flashdrive later.

I will also try the flashdrive in the glovebox, but it comes with a little notice that says it is the port for downloading music to the harddrive. Maybe that's the way to go...Anyone with experience doing that?

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