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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Please take a look at the XD600/6 installation document, page 7, "Input Mode".

It is available at the JL Audio site.
Okay thanks for the tip there. I did go and find the owners manual document. From what I read there, I can see what you're saying about 4 channels in (I guess it has some sort of internal crossover for the subwoofer signal)--- understood now. Thanks.

That still leaves me with my initial question however. From what I can tell by the looks of a few pictures of your harness by various members, its a connector that plugs into the OEM harness... and out the other end comes a bunch of (for lack of correct terminology) speaker wire, and other relatively high gauge remote turn on wires etc.. etc... (looks like a headunit harness) -- either way I didn't see it ending in any RCA plugs that can be plugged into an AMP (male OR female)

That installation document you suggested I read through says "Input connections are via up to three pairs of traditional RCA-type jacks."

My question to you is, do I use something like what I posted before (and the bottom of this post), in order to make that transition from your speaker wire type of input to an RCA input? Or does your harness end in RCA inputs and I'm just misinformed?

Also I PMed you on e90post requesting help on all kindsa stuff.. but i think after a few days of research I've gotten it all figured out. I still need to know however, how to purchase the harness/speaker adapters/and speaker spacers I may need (4" for the doors) if you're willing to sell them to me -- If for some reason you'd prefer me to PM you here please let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

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