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Hi Thanks

I was suspicious about my origional garage as they condemmed another E36 I had with the dreaded overhead gasket, so I sold it in haste to a relation and the car is still running around it had over 200000 miles on the clock, unlike the current machine whi is sitting at 77000. My view on them, well you really don't want to know that, however it seems to be a car in then get it out irrespective if there is no resolution, lets screw the customer for around 800 quid so as the car can lie in the customers drive for six weeks or so. Where the other garage took as long as it took to get all the air bubbles out, he did say if that did not fix it then the gasket was a prime suspect. I had him service the machine on Friday and he said there was no evidence in the oil to tell him that it was the death sentence. Its running like a sweet dream watch for those sharks out there guys and thanks for your support Buy the way the garage that I currntly am using is one that I used years ago why oh why I stopped going to him I will never know, prob the attitude that only a Performance garage could look after a BMW, well there is no truth in that just a garage and mechanics who will seek resolution for the customer and know what they are doing.
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