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Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post
Not what I was saying, that is not an example.

The platform and tooling was established nearly a decade before the Zr1 came about. The money in the Zr1 over the Z06 is carbon fiber and hardware. It's not in the development of the vehicle where the money is built in for the higher MSRP of the base car that could allow for tooling changes and material in a proper interior.

Look at the Viper. It had a comical interior too. Now that its been redesigned, they made interior a priority while also allowing for a higher MSRP.

That is the scenario I am describing, it's another analogy that applies to F30 debates we are seeing exhausted here.

My M-Roadster has a cheap interior, but it's held up well. It's also got 77k on it's original brakes and original clutch. Some of those components point to being over built.

You have to understand, my M Roadster is brought up only as an example of how silly it is to come into other forums to poop on the newer car while putting the older one on a pedestal.

See above.

Also, do you know what it takes to add forced induction to a 911? Slap on a Turbo? lol. Very tight-hard engines to work on. To properly turbo one is $10-20k, or the cost of my Roadster and what I have in. Meanwhile, my blower was a bolt on kit I installed with hand tools inside of a weekend, all for $1800 in used components because they made so many that they are available used. The amount of 2nd hand NA-911 Turbo kits out there, let alone 2nd hand and they will still require engine out install and still cost tons of money.

My car may be modified, but it's girly, so it washes out.

You didn't get my point. You can't compare your modified car to his stock car. I don't care how old it is or how hard it is to work on it's engine. If you're trying to make a point, compare apples to apples, not oranges. No matter how hard it is, once he modifies his car, you stand no chance. Thus, your point is moot. I can slap a VF- 625 supercharger onto e92 M3 and leave you in my wake. Common sense tells us that, usually a car that has been modified will usually beat a stock car. There are people with 1000+ HP Supra's and NSX's that have the ability to kill Lambo's and Ferrari's.
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