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Originally Posted by beden1 View Post
I really don't care about the Cadillac and I agree with you that it's a moot point. But, and as I stated before, I wish BMW left the 3 Series as their sports sedan and did what they did with the F30 to a 4 Series. There are many years of 3 Series tradition that they tampered with (and that includes the 5 Series which I did spend a day with a new 535i loaner that was nicely equipped).
Your wish has been granted. It's exactly what Cadillac is doing and it's failing miserably.

Today's sport sedan buyer doesn't want a compact car with an uncomfortable back seat and a bedrail for a suspension. Making a smaller, tighter 3 Series would cripple BMW in their most important vehicle.

And before you attempt to debate that statement, look at the facts. BMW has decades of realworld consumer data and the F30 reflects precisely what it's customers want. The car is bigger, softer, more comfortable. It's what we want.

The reason you dislike the F30 is because you're not the target customer. It's not a surprise. Same for this particular comparo author. "Boo hoo, the F30 is too rubbery and the ATS is very stiff, therefore the ATS is the car I want to drive." Author for an enthusiast magazine and the typical 3 Series driver two very different things.

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