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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post

He also complained about ATS being too harsh, it was only so in the sport mode. The F30 is softer. Unfortunately BJ is right, BMW is going more and more after those who care more about luxury, comfort, and gagetry, than driving. But also unfortunately, BJ thinks no one should complain about such trend. More unfortunate is he thinks every Bimmer driver thinks like him.
This is not a surprise. This has been going on since the launch of the E90. Your comments are straight out of 2005.

Everything he said he disliked about the F30 is something I love. Said it was very fast but you can't feel the speed. Said it was very fast but very quiet. Said it handled very well but was better in a straight line than on twisty roads. Said it handled well but he couldn't feel feedback through the steering wheel. Hello. That's what a luxury car should be. Effortlessly fast, quiet in the cabin, smooth to steer, a rocket on the highway.

BMW sacrificed the twisty performance for the straight line because that's what it's customers do with the car- we pick up the kids from soccer practice on residential streets and we commute to work on highways. That's the priority. Getting that ride 100% right is more important than making that ride too harsh and uncomfortable for the 2x a month we find ourselves on roads that anyone could remotely call 'fun'.

BMW makes a 1 Series and a Roadster for the enthusiast types. The midsized sedan is no longer your plaything.

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