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Originally Posted by UnderSteer View Post
So now the guy that buys cars that are meant to be driven slowly to impress the downtrodden has become an authority on vehicle dynamics. Unfortunately there is more to understanding vehicle dynamics than parroting what you read in a magazine review about cars you have never driven on a tracks you have never been to. With all due respect I seriously doubt that without doing a Google search our friend Mr. James could come up with a good description of oversteer vs. understeer, has ever corrected a slide, knows what trail braking is or has ever driven a car remotely close to the limits or can heel and toe downshift (or drive an MT at all). BJ should stick to his forte (imaginary status and made up marketing data) because his imaginary road tests are seriously lacking credibility.
You miss the point entirely.

The days of the 3 Series being an enthusiasts car are over. BMW makes a 1 Series and a Roadster for that purpose. The midsize sedan is no longer your plaything.

So when I refer to "driving dynamics", I'm talking about how it drives from the perspective of an actual buyer- someone who uses the car to take the kids to baseball practice on residential roads and who commutes to work on highways. For us, the F30 is a quantum leap in the right direction. No longer a small car that's too tight for transporting three kids, no longer a harsh car that makes passengers nauseous or cracks the eggs in the trunk.

This concept of continuing to view the BMW 3 Series as a sports car has got to stop. It's not that car anymore. Cry all you want, but these endless threads saying how the F30 isn't an E46 or the ATS is a tighter car. Hello. Not a surprise. It's by design.

Telling F30 owners we bought a bad car or it's not a "true" BMW is ridiculous because it makes the assumption that we got suckered in somehow. We didn't. We bought the car because it suits our purposes perfectly. Respect that.


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