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Originally Posted by woodswatchco View Post
I agree that all these guys that say the E90 is so much better than the F30 just don't have the cash for a new car. The new "lines" offer buyers the choice of what they want. This is the #1 reason that I left Audi for BMW. Audi offers the least horsepower in the class, no special colors, no body kit, no special wheels, no rear wheel drive, no option to delete sunroof, etc. Mercedes doesn't even offer a manual in the C250! The 328i may have softened a bit but it has also been improved in a million other ways. It is still the best sports sedan out there and you can choose which flavor you want instead of "one size fits all".

Precisely. The definition of "Ultimate Driving Machine" includes the entire driving experience, not just the part where the rubber meets the road.

To the average 3 Series consumer, a quiet cabin, greater legroom, a bigger trunk, an upgraded audio system, a standard LCD screen, free Bluetooth, a classier interior, easy-to-buy "lines", and all the other goodies is what makes the experience better.

There's nothing wrong with performance enthusiasm. It's an awesome hobby so long as you target the right car for it. What the 3 Series used to be in 1995 and what it is in 2013 are two different things, time for the autocross crowd to focus on the 1 Series, the Roadster, the ATS, whatever it is that meets their criteria. The 3 Series is no longer that car.

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