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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I don't think you gain much credibility by just calling him an idiot, and therefore he must be wrong, without telling us why you are correct when you say for example you reached the opposite conclusion about the handling of the cars.

Also it was not just his own view, notice he said "we think...". I think more than one MT reviewers did that comparison, and agreed on the verdict in principle, he was just the more enthusiastic of the group

And BTW, you did miss the point made by the previous poster. The guy intentionally switched the headquarters around to prove his point that the two German companies steal each other's infotainment designs.
First, I'm not trying to gain credibility. I'm perfectly satisfied with the credibility I've established here over the past seven years. Second, I did point out more than one reason I find his reviews worthless.

It appears to me he is likely using the royal "we".

Yes, I did miss his purposeful reversal. I was so shocked by it that I did, in fact, miss the next few words he said. I even missed them the next two times when I went back and watched that segment again to confirm what he said. I was focused on confirming the reversal and did indeed miss the next few words. I still think the guy is a lousy auto reviewer, not based solely on this review.

Then and Than are different words and they are not interchangeable.

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