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Update !!!
Replaced defective CCV and replaced throttle body gasket on 11/17/2012
(sorry for the delay in the follow-up)
The car definitely idles significantly better and accelerates even smoother than before.
It was really puffing oil smoke out after sitting when I started it up and idling very roughly. It was also really blowing oil smoke when I hit the throttle too after it was warmed up.
Even though the idle is fixed, it still puffs oil smoke after sitting overnight. It is a lot better, but it is still doing it. It also will still once in a while do it on hard acceleration. Not all the time now, but once in a while. I tried to soak up all the oil the best I could from the manifold when I did the CCV and throttle body gasket. Is it normal to take over a week to clear up?
If I am at a long light, you can faintly feel the idle stumble, but not nearly as bad as before.
At start up now, even with the slight smoke, it idles very smoothly.
I changed the spark plugs this weekend (11/24/2012) and they actually were not as bad as I thought they would be by burning oil. The ones closest to the CCV were the worst, but not covered in oil like I thought they would be. Any thoughts?

THANKS in advance !!!
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