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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I think many of us here need to lighten up. BJ and I have a history here of going at it but several years ago we reached the point where we stopped taking each other (and ourselves) too seriousy.

The fact that I am always willing to admit when BJ is wrong has also helped defuse the situation.

It's really sad and weird. The E9x forum never got like this after the E90 came out. I find the F30 forum an unpleasant place to be much of the time. Yes, BJ, I spent a lot of time in the E9x forum when I still had an E46.

Regardless of any of the posts here, the F30 retains MUCH MORE of the 3 Series attributes than it changes. As a side note I'll mention that in my opinion the F30 steering in Sport mode is quite similar in effort and feel to the active steering on the E90, which my car has. It is a somewhat different feel, but it only took me about two days to adjust. And I have no difficultly transitioning between it and non-active steering in the E9x, which I like very much.

I've posted this previously, but I'll post it again. As we all know, the steering weight changes noticeably on the F30 in Sport mode. Unless there is something of which the Cadillac product specialist is unaware (entirely possible, based on my experience with product "specialists") the electrically assisted steering on the ATS makes no changes regardless of the driving mode. I am wholly unimpressed with the electrically assisted steering on the ATS. I was able to turn the steering wheel with my pinkie finger.

Yes, CA, it is always good to be able to admit when BJ is wrong.

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