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The 'tire with an explanation mark in the middle' is your low tire pressure indication. Check the tire pressure, adjust if necessary, then start the car, press and hold the button on the center console that looks like the indication. Hold for five seconds, release, the drive around the block. If it stays on the you have an issue with the ASC system. If this indication is RED, normally low tire pressure. If the indication is YELLOW, a system fault is detected. Your 2004 does NOT have the in the wheel TPMS sensors.

The 'circular arrow with an explanation mark in the middle', (actually a circular arrow with a triangle and explanation mark). That is your DSC (dynamic stability control) system indicating you have a fault in the DSC system.

The 'Brake' light indicates your parking brake is on or you have worn the brake pads down to the 'sacrificial' pad indicators. These sacrificial pad indicators are a single wire on the left front and right rear calipers. When the brake pads wear to a point the sacrificial indicators start to wear and ground out the wire, lighting the light. These must be replaced IF they have been worn down. If you replace the pad before this, they are reused.

There are two quality BMW repair manuals and both are from BMW. Everything else is garbage. Believe me, I have a Hanes and a Chiltons for the Z4. They suck....
Bentley does NOT produce a repair manual for the Z4.
The mechanicals are call the TIS and the electricals are called the WDS (V12). Both are CD/DVD's and can be had on Ebay for about $15.00 each or you can torrent them down... BMW does not publish them. They are just in the wild.

There is good aftermarket software out there, but one of the best I have found for the Z4 is the BMW software. The BMW INPA software runs on on all versions of windows, including Win7 64bit.
INPA will talk to all the cars modules and you can see the realtime data, control functions and reset the errors. I you start searching the internet you can find the INPA software, you just have to get the cable, which should be in the neighborhood of around $30.00.

Just remember, the ODB-II scanners can only read/reset the ODB-II functions. NOT any of the other modules on the car. Brakes, DSC, etc are not ODB-II.

I run the INPA software on a Win7 64bit setup. I do have to fire up a VMware session (WinXP) to run the NCS software but that is for coding the car.

Look here for some more information:
The site is a work in progress when I have time, so not everything is on it yet.
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