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Thanks for the reply. I agree about the color choice especially when looking at 10+ year old cars - the mechanical is obviously more important; that's how I've been looking but its easy to caught up in a nice looking car. This 02' 525i Sport looks sharp in Steel Blue too and seems to be well maintained. I will have to review the stack of service records when the mechanic is checking it over but I think the ATF was done last winter - which is good.

I will have the suspension looked at - I might have a few years left on the suspension as the car has been driven by a house wife avg. of 8300 yrly. Its also a 1 CA owner.

I see you have the same year in a 530 sport. How do you find the seats on long rides? They felt great to me on the test drives. Hard to predict a long ride. Good news is I only drive 7-9K a year.

Sudbury huh? I grew up in Frankin, MA - all my family is on the Cape now - I still own my home out in Northampton, MA - just been in LA for 4 yrs. now. Did some wrestling tournaments in Sudbury back in High School.

After a nice road bike ride I was clear on the decision - then I got your post which is great reinforcement.

Much appreciated - Colin
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