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Many many thanks... you gave me more info to work with than I had alltogether before. What I am surprized is that I tought that the 3 warning lights (each are yellow) are indicating 1 problem, but what I get from your answer that they are 3 separate problems. The tire pressure check, the brake pad check are no problem I will do that. But the DSC, I do not know what to do with that system.... I am familiar with the brake pad indicators and how they work.... What is ASC?
You are mentioning INPA software, I guess it is running on a normal laptop computer?! and I will need a cable? I guess between a USB connector of the laptop and the Z4 OBDII connector? Is this correct? Okay where can I buy/get the INPA software? Yes, I understand that the normal OBDII tool does not covers and special Z4 function.
The car runns like dream..... you are writing that my Z4 does not have a wheel revolution sensor. Yes, I found the brake wires by 2 wheels, and 4 other wires, 1 by each wheel connected to an object like my pinny about 1 inch long, hanging from the inside out toward the wheel base. I certainly thought that they are revolution sensors. I thought that this is how the car is sensing tire pressure????
Again, many many thanks for helping me out, and spending time on my problems....
Sincere thanks zsazsa
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