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Thanks for the replies, I'm going to pick up the car in the afternoon, I'll ask him for a solid quote of how much the shocks will actually cost and how much the labour will be. It's only the rear shocks that need replacing so that cuts out some of the time.

He mentioned the shock mounts when I talked to him on the phone earlier, said he couldn't see whether they were perished and would have to find out when he pulled it apart and that might be another 'couple of hundred' if they needed replacing also. He also said he was surprised the first mechanic didn't mention the rear brakes, he said they were very worn and recommended changing them at the same time. I do intend to keep the car for as long as possible but I am on a fairly tight budget, uni student so I only work part time, which makes the big price tags quite a blow to the savings. I'll ask him about trying to source the parts myself and see if he'll install because I'm really not convinced the shocks are as expensive as I'm being led to believe.

As for the bushes, this mechanic didn't even think they needed replacing, but I've got a few inspection reports from the first mechanic, one report from about 7 months ago says rear control arm bushes worn, and rear sway bar bushes worn. The next report I have from 3 months ago just says all rear bushes worn/perished. But as I said the current mechanic just said yes there was some wear, but it was a big job to replace them all and just replacing the shocks would probably do the job. No mention of uneven wear on my tires, they just stated that the bushes were worn/perished and recommended replacing them.

I probably should have mentioned it initially, but the reason I'm looking at getting the shocks replaced is because of creaking/clunking from the back end, mostly the rear left that's gotten steadily worse probably over the last year. It used to just be a little squeaky around corners and over bumps but now it's pretty much constant with the creaking and clunking, and the ride is no where near as nice as it was 3 years ago when I bought the car.

I'll have a look through the manual like you suggested and get to know my car a bit better.
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