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Originally Posted by My525iT View Post
I tell my girlfriend if she is not happy, "get more estimates". Always in writing and always ask for a better deal. But never agree until you speak to your (brother, dad, boyfriend etc...). That is the usual easy excuse to leave.

As far as mechanics, most mechanics will assume an older model vehicle will require much repair. Most may not be able to tell the difference. So always ask for an explanation and expect to be shown what needs replacement. I once had a tire rotation and a dealer gave me a laundry list of items to replace (75% of which I already did).

Mechanics always use a labor rate table. Always ask for the time and hourly rate. If unsure ask them to show you the Mitchell Labor Book or other. Then expect a 15% upcharge for parts and ask for all fees. (A complete out the door estimate).

You can check for a U.S. estimate. $1200AUS would be a top end estimate.

I suggest $75USD is fair rate and find a mechanic that allows you to bring your own parts or at least find a cheaper supplier. BMW parts are pricey...
Would 3 hours of labour cover the rear shocks and mounts ?

OP (original poster), don't purchase anything stamped with bmw. That will be marked up from the oem manufacturer by anything from 20-100% as pure profits. For shocks, go for bilstein or sachs if you have more cash. The springpads are not brand relevant, as are the bump stops. The rear shock mounts may require a bit more than 10 minutes each as they may need to be accessed from the rear speakerboard area, a little more time factor in around 15 minutes max per shock mount, but you should absolutely change those as well. Meyle HD for the rear cost around $120 before shipping.

And, as they are HD, they will last and last and last. All that clunking that you're talking about could be your rear mounts gone to heaven as well so i would advise that you do this and as i mentioned, you can only change the mounts by removing the rear shock assembly which is very expensive labourwise...

Put it on your card and pay it off progressively. The additional interest that you bear is miniscule compared to the charges that you save.
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