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Originally Posted by northernlights View Post
We have used the VOICE prepaid sim cards in Scotland, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. EACH country had their own unique network and you needed to find a SIM card for each place. It became a CHORE to find a store that carried it. This was last done in 2010 and we needed passport info at each place. Hopefully that has changed now?
I was in germany, switzerland, UK and the netherlands... I picked up a vodaphone sim for my ipad and was able to roam data in all countries. (Note: Since I dont need a phone number for the ipad, this was a perfect cost 1/5 to 1/10 what a roaming package would have cost...) My understanding is that this sim would work fine in my ATT iphone if I'd wanted to pay lower rates and have a local phone number for VOICE calls(I needed the US number access, so just paid to roam)

If you have a GSM phone and pop in a EU sim (say from Germany) it should roam to any of the GSM networks- however outside of germany the costs may be a bit more (but still MUCH less that you would be charged for roaming on a USA ATT sim).

Italy, who knows...feels like a 3rd world country at times.
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