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Originally Posted by bear-avhistory View Post
Have we become this risk adverse in the 21st century? Glad I lived most of my life in the bad old days. I will be 71 years old next month & can't conceive living my life in fear of liability lawyers.
If this is referring to a Carrera GT track accident a few years ago, I think the car had a passenger and both driver and passenger died. I also believe the widows ended up suing everyone in sight including the track and Porsche NA. Porsche NA settled (for selling a car that was too fast?). Lawyers will be lawyers, and Porsche has deeper pockets than most owners.

When I've gone to track events, I've always needed to sign a liability waver absolving anyone and everyone of absolutely everything before even driving onto the property.

A few years ago I brought my own car in for service and gawked at a new GT3 that had kissed the Armco barrier on three corners that weekend. Obviously, collision insurance does not cover this. Liability aside, that would be my own concern, and even though I could cover the loss myself, I'd still be extremely annoyed. If I ever had the time and skills to track a car, I'd probably buy or build a dedicated track rat and expect to wreck it.
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