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Sorry, I mistyped. I did not mean ASC, but DSC….
You really need good software to troubleshoot a DSC system.
Info on the DSC for your car:
If you determine if you need a new DSC module, look at this website to see if they can repair your module:

Yep, a laptop (serial or USB) to the ODB-II port on the car. These cables can be bought on Ebay or just online. The BMW INPA software is in the wild on the internet. Just do a search and most of the BMW forums will have some threads on the subject.
Other software that will cost you money:
BMW Scanner 1.40

The car does have a revolution sensor on each wheel. The DSC system uses them if it needs to intervene. What I was talking about is your tire pressure monitoring. On MY 03-05 (your car), the Z4 uses wheel rotational comparisons to determine if you have low tire pressure. On MY 06-08, the Z4’s use a active TPMS system that has a transmitter internal to each wheel.
Read more here:
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