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Added YHOO to my watchlist... the near term target is about 18.5, but it should go higher if Marissa Mayer can prove her talent and result in a couple quarters. She's been making small moves here and there and so far I'm liking them.

Edited: Also added AAPL back to my list... this could be their last merry x'mas for AAPL... it's time to get out after that. Heck, the market has already started cashing out after topping out at 700.
I started a small position in YHOO at 17.3 after it broke out from the narrow trading range, and now it's really going up after topping 18.5 last Friday. Goldman just set a price target of $24. Now the market has very high expectation with Marissa Mayer.

AAPL rebounded strongly from 530 which was the low in May. 50MA may cross 200MA soon.

Edited: Just saw this on CNN. If one store reflects how AAPL performs, then it will disappoint in the current quarter.

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