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P1624 CEL Code

Troubleshooting my daughter's 2000 328i with about 130k miles. I only see the car a few times a year so I don't have a lot of information on it. She has just started getting the CEL, had the codes read and got P1624. This would seem to indicate a bad (stuck open) t-stat from the searching I've done. She says the temp needle does not go up to 12 o'clock like normal, stays down in the cold area unless she is stopped in traffic. Seems like a quick, easy fix to do.

But, here's the first question - the car sometimes stalls when cold (at startup), and the revs will sometimes undulate 100-200 rpm when cold at startup too. (The undulating might lead to the stalling, she wasn't sure.) Could this be still the t-stat?

Second, I've replaced probably 30 t-stats in my life - I've never heard of replacing the the t-stat housing with the t-stat. But looking at RealOEM and Bavarian Auto it appears that the t-stat is integrated into the housing. Is that right? Why? Just so they can charge $75 bucks instead of $5 bucks?

She's had the car about a year, previous maintenance was impeccable and done at BMW dealer. Whole cooling system was redone not too many miles ago so should be in good shape other than the t-stat. Mainly curious if the undulating could be because it is running cold or if it might be the ICV or something else.
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