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Interior Bike Rack Clone for New X3

I have seen several threads on bike racks for X series. After pondering roof and hitch options I found myself still wishing that the interior rack that attaches to the tie-down rails was available for 2011+. After pondering some rather elaborate schemes I settled on a solution to build my own with relatively inexpensive parts and materials.

First was to source some aluminum tube. I am fortunate to have a great metal supplier just around the corner but most folks should find something similar locally. I decided on 1.5"x.75" rectangular tubing with 1/8" wall thickness. A 42" length cost about $14.00US.

Hardware: Yakima has a reasonable and useful fork mount called the "blockhead". They sell a locking version and a standard version. As this will be mounted inside a vehicle the locks are unnecessary and bring the price down to $20US per. This was not rocket science, the plan was to bolt down the bar and the fork mounts. Basic plan measure twice, drill and fasten. I found 1.5" x 1/4 bolts and nuts we're perfect. The only experimental part of the hardware was making an insert for the cargo rails. I used a 1/4" delrin type industrial plastic. A scrap piece from the local TAP plastic store was $.50. Carefully shaving down the plastic insert until it just barely enters the channel and when sliding into position holds a sufficient purchase on the rail system. The other tricky bit was counter sinking the 1/4" nut into the plastic insert. I wanted a fairly flush surface, so having the excess bolt and nut facing downward into the cargo rail was the goal. Counter sinking the nut into the insert also becomes the "wrench" that holds the nut in place while tightening to the bed of the cargo area. I fashioned an additional piece of plastic to act as a washer between the rack and the aluminum rails of the cargo bed.

A quick shot of Krylon, a brand loyal decal, and I was ready for final instal. I'll have to get a pic with the bike inside. It is a tight fit with two bikes and some combinations may not work, but it is definitely sufficient for my road bike.

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