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Originally Posted by Chris90 View Post
I've spent about $25k owning my ZHP the last 7 years. Leasing at $550/month would have cost me $46k, more if there was money up front.

And unlike E90 owners you haven't seen me complaining about my RFTs and harsh suspension.

PS i see you mean a new car. That would have cost me about $35k or so.
You're comparing apples and oranges.

If the ZHP was $35K new then the lease payments would have been much lower than $550 per month. My F30 is a $48K configuration and my monthly payment is $539.

For fun, let's say you could have bought your ZHP for $35,000 cash or leased it for $393 per month.

$35,000 cash is equal to 89 monthly payments of $393 per month, so you would have been able to drive 3 brand new $35,000 cars and keep a consistent $393 lease payment in the same span of time instead of driving one old $35,000 car.

Your ZHP would still have a value at the end, but it would be eaten into a bit by whatever maintenance costs you'd have incurred out of warranty.

I've gone through this exercise on several different sites with several different posters with opposing points of view and in the end it always boils down to the same simple sentence:

For around $50 more a month you can avoid spending time in an old, out of date and out of warranty car. And $50 isn't much money to someone who can afford a BMW to begin with.

There are variations on the theme, but it always turns out to be a modest monthly outlay to buy yourself out of the used car game, always surprises people that all that work and all that suffering doesn't really add up to a substantial savings. There's a reason why more than 60% of all BMW's are leased; there just isn't enough meat on the bone to bother purchasing.