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Originally Posted by petriej View Post
Get another alignment from someone else and ask for slightly negative camber. I'm not sure what the normal value is supposed to be, but I'm sure the new guy will have suggestions. Just tell him what kind of driving style you want.

I am TOTALLY jealous of your 3.0d manual. Wish we could get those here in the US.
I realize this is an old thread but hoping that someone has come up with a solution.

I have a 2004 X5 3.0 manual (not d) with 250,000 miles on it (perhaps that's my problem ?) with excessive negative rear camber. I believe that the correct camber range is -2 to -4 but I was running -6 at last check. I took it into BMW and they laughed (believe it or not) and said that I was nicely setup for racing. Nothing broken, nothing bent, nothing unsafe, just more tire wear. They said that no one bushing could cause that much variance and the only thing that they could do would be to start swapping parts but that it would be verrry expensive. Surprise.

What I really need to do is elongate the hole and stick a bolt in there to stop it from slipping back, but I'm leery of that kind of custom mod. Then again, the car is basically worthless at this kind of mileage. It's really gotten to the point that I'm just curious as to how long it will keep going !

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