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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
On the leased vehicle, I must be a better negotiator than you because my $539 monthly payment is all-in, I did not pay for taxes, title, acquisition fee, or any security deposit.

Not sure what "additional lease costs" are either as it doesn't match the sum off the taxes/title/acquisition fee that, again, I didn't pay.

On the purchased vehicle, I don't understand that either. There's a $3000 trade-in value and the monthly payments on a 5 year note with interest would well exceed the $549 monthly 'investment' you're showing.

There is no "cash" at the end of either option. The leaser is clean and can move on, the buyer has a car worth a few grand net of the repair costs which is almost a wash.

Okay, if $539/mo is your all-in cost, then subract the total of taxes and tags (the $9,400 additional lease costs, the $500 sec deposit doesn't count since it is returned - in theory) and the delta drops to $10,200. If your payments are $549 and not the $539 I used, the delta climbs to $11,400.

There are no payments on any note since the purchaser bought the car out right, but the purchaser still has $539/mo that he doesn't need to pay on his car, so he invests the money. The total investments of $539/mo times 120 months is $64,680.

The cash is the net amount of money that was invested plus interest and the trade-in value. It may only seem the the lessee is penniless at the end of the day, but remember he invested $50k one day one.

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