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B-7: Luxury Sedan or Hotrod?

You know that heavy, bulky, weighty feel the 7-series tends to have? Well Alpine made some serious finishing touches to its 2013 version of the 750i that helped to counter some of that heftiness with a little light fun.

Carlos Lago test drives the 540 horsepower, TwinTurbo V-8 luxury sedan and is pleasantly surprised. Although it is the lightest B7 you can get, it's still a lot of car and a lot of weight, but yet it's faster, more stately, and more fun to drive. While the 7-series is not known for its handling, Carlos tears through figure 8's with ease and power.

Would you ever think a 7-series could perform like a hotrod? Looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.
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