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a couple of wonky questions for experienced X1 owners

OK I have had my X1 since Friday. I have some questions with probably easy answers that I am overlooking, for those who have had their X1's or other BMWs for some time...

1 When I turn the car on, the IDrive asks me to "accept" that I recognize that it is dangerous to drive when distracted, etc. So I have to push the IDrive control to get beyond that message. Once I ignored it and went to Media, and the message popped up again later.

Is that gonna be forever? Is there no way to disable that?

2 Is there any easy way to get the airbag notice thing out other than just tearing it? I tug at it but I don't want to tear it and leave fragments stuck in the aluminum trim.

3 What is the loose black piece in my trunk, about the size of a license plate? It's that a cover for the license when I want to conduct some nefarious business and not be identified from the rear?

4 How do you know you are getting real-time traffic? is that only for accident reporting? I thought I would see indications of traffic flow on major freeways, etc. But I noticed this morning that doesn't seem to be the case. Is it something I have to enable?

I love my X1 a little more each time I drive it...
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