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Gas pedal, right foot, and the transmission tunnel

Just recently I ordered an X1, and while I've been waiting for it to arrive, I've been driving the dealers' loaner car which is a new 3 series. While I've been driving around in this 3 series, I've been bothered something that I noticed when test driving the X1, but has really become more problematic in day to day driving. I feel as if both pedals, but particularly the gas pedal, is located too far to the left for comfortable driving.

I assume that BMW did this because the transmission tunnel takes up so much room. The gas pedal is located only just a few inches to the right of the steering column centerline, whereas my right foot is definitely more than a few inches to the right of my centerline. This means that I have to work to keep my right leg pulled to the left constantly, which makes my right knee and right hip sore after a while. It helps somewhat to push the drivers seat all the way back and to extend the seat bottom bolster forward so that it supports my leg more, but it still feels awkward. Another approach is bend my knee, let my leg rest on the transmission tunnel which pulls your ankle out to the left and tips your toes to the right onto the pedal (in other words, not try to keep my foot straight up and down over the gas pedal). This feels awkward too.

To make matters worse, the brake pedal is to the left of the steering column, which makes braking feel weird as you have to cross your right leg over to the left side of the footwell to brake. This can feel so strange at times that I've started to experiment with left foot braking.

It looks as if the X1 and the 3 series are vey similar in pedal layout, so I'm worried about long-term comfort with this car that I've just ordered. Does anyone have any comments on this issue? Anyone else wish the gas pedal was further to the right for a more natural driving position?

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