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Originally Posted by E30 hobby car View Post
well, I have seen new M5's done in plastidip and they also looked sweet.

lets not get carried away. a car is a car. its the person driving it that has the class or not. i have seen many bmw's driven my complete tools. or better yet. making their bmw look like a ricer.

as for VW being inferior, well, i think that's more a point of personal opinion.
All the new 3er's and 5er's have a matte finish option. Far from plasti dipped. High quality paint.

As for Volkswagen's, I've owned a 83 Rabbit GTI its a sweet car, handles very well. The rest are nothing special. Not compared to a E30. I hate mk4-mk6 they all suck. The thorough codes all the time. Brand new car with the check engine light on. BMW's are just built much better, suspension, to motor is just made better. Even the body is made with better metal. Opinion or not BMW's are better.
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