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Originally Posted by fmalloy View Post
Hi wildvlad,

That's interesting...can you clarify further what these "auxiliary lines" are, and what you mean by "line breakdown" at the bottom of the display?
According to wiki (sorry for British accent of wiki article)
An auxiliary lane along a highway or motorway connects slip roads, with the entrance ramp or acceleration lane from one interchange leading to the exit ramp or deceleration lane of the next.
Basically some cities to offload local traffic connect entrance lane from one exit with exit lane from the next exit. This creates situation when one of the lane of freeway "ends" confusing nav.

Same situation (but less common) if just one of the lane of freeway "ends" at the exit (becomes "exit only"), so nav has to advise you to keep on remaining lanes.

"Lane breakdown" - don't have picture but usually it's called "lane assist" in navs: at the bottom of the screen (and on the dash) it will draw you small pictures of the lanes with indication which lanes are OK to take - you can check it to see if you can take any lane except rightmost to get around most of false "bear left"s.

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