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Here's another one today which is probably an overheated engine due for replacement:

Originally Posted by archciaa View Post
Hey everyone, I am really frustrated right now, my car is not passing inspection and Im not sure what is wrong. I was hoping someone could give some advice or answers. My CEL light has come on and its the codes for my pre-cat sensor. I decided to do a tuneup and changed all filters, oil change, new spark plugs, new sensors, new MAF sensor and still the CEL light comes on. It is now starting to overheat too.

When I first start it in the mornings it is rough, and you have to press the gas peddle a bit so it doesnt turn off. The Other I was doing this and I noticed the Catalytic convertor was bright red and glowing. Also the car is now overheating sometimes. Both of my mechanics say its a vacuum leak and they cant find it, someone mentioned its my head gasket. Any ideas? Iv been driving a ford explorer and I drive about 400 miles a week, its killing me on gas I need my 528i back.
Please read the suggested threads, where the best always add value to those threads, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person with the same problem stands on your shoulders.
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