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Here's another one today which is probably an overheated engine due for replacement:

Originally Posted by archciaa View Post
Hey everyone, I am really frustrated right now, my car is not passing inspection and Im not sure what is wrong. I was hoping someone could give some advice or answers. My CEL light has come on and its the codes for my pre-cat sensor. I decided to do a tuneup and changed all filters, oil change, new spark plugs, new sensors, new MAF sensor and still the CEL light comes on. It is now starting to overheat too.

When I first start it in the mornings it is rough, and you have to press the gas peddle a bit so it doesnt turn off. The Other I was doing this and I noticed the Catalytic convertor was bright red and glowing. Also the car is now overheating sometimes. Both of my mechanics say its a vacuum leak and they cant find it, someone mentioned its my head gasket. Any ideas? Iv been driving a ford explorer and I drive about 400 miles a week, its killing me on gas I need my 528i back.
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