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Originally Posted by miamiboyca View Post
You are jumping to conclusions saying that "Nationwide". Here in TX, it's a $.20 difference, And that is only when you compare it to regular. Fair comparison is to do it against Premium, After all you are not putting 87 into your $60,000 sports sedan. Premium is right in line with diesel plus or minus a few cents.

When I left California diesel was always less than premium. Take into account that I'm speaking about two of the most populous state in the country and I think your nationwide statement is completely erroneous. Maybe it doesn't make sense in Michigan, maybe.
No, I'm using published average fuel prices from the AAA:

Today, yesterday, last year - it's all the same. Diesel is $0.60 more per gallon than 87 octane gasoline, and almost $0.30 more than premium. The reason I was comparing to 87 octane is that the above discussion wandered over to the 2.5L Jetta, and the majority of diesel options should be compared against non-performance gasoline powertrains.

If you're lucky and live somewhere where diesel is cheap, then good for you. But if everyone here is reporting that diesel is only $0.20 more per gallon than 87 gas, somewhere else in the country it's $1.00 more. Data is data, the gasoline/diesel price gap is very real.

I'm not some anti-diesel troll, I have a 1.5yr old diesel SUV in my garage...! But the fanaticism around diesel, mostly based on the "it worked in Europe" argument, is a red herring because EU diesel usage was driven by policy. Policies are different over here, and much less favorable to diesel.
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