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Originally Posted by Doktor Bert View Post
Thanks, it's a colleague's car and it's just an extra car for him, so time is not a crucial element...
This is a good alternative to getting a new ecu :

You can transplant this into the existing ecu and provided the ecu is not itself damaged, it will work fine.

The chip not only has the EWS2 references removed from it, it has a performance tune as well. Thus, you turn a repair into an upgrade, which is always a good thing to do where possible.

You will need something like that to get your silver lable dme to work at all, if not you can't even use it as a spare even if it is undamaged.

These are alternatives :

However, those two do not have proper descriptions. Please write to the sellers directly to confirm if the ews 2 system is deleted from the chip, before you confirm the purchase.

You can always purchase a red label dme AND a performance chip, if the current dme is damaged, or if you want a performance dme and also a backup ecu. IMO its worth investing money in it, and can always be sold off later for the same price if your friend decides to sell off his car.

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