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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
Only diesel SUV on the market are Q7, X5, Touareg, ML, GL, and Cayenne. All of these require 91+ octane. If you are comparing 87 prices to diesel and saying how the diesel makes no sense for these SUVs, then you have no idea what you're talking about.

Even at the required 91 octane, the price of diesel is less or about the same. These SUVs are much more fuel efficient with their diesel powertrains over the comparative petrol engine, therefore your argument makes no sense, yet again... By spending the same, you go much longer on a gallon of diesel versus 91.
Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post

Even if you take into account the price difference between 87 and diesel, you still spend less on fuel on the diesel variant. Let's not forget, with the 2.5 I5, it is pretty hard to maintain that combined expected 26 MPG rating, whereas the 34 combined for the diesel can be done by beating on the engine constantly. It is closer to higher 30s, whereas average values for the 2.5I5 are low 20s combined.
I don't think you listened, or want to hear, my argument. You're drawing the circle around operating costs. If you draw the circle around total cost of ownership, which is the point I'm making, diesel does not payoff for ~3-4yrs. We see the same failed logic here in lease threads when people brag about low monthly payments while choosing to ignore the chunk of cash they had to pay up front.

Even in the fantasy land where diesel is the same price as mid-grade 91 gasoline the argument holds because you paid $2.5k to $3k more for the car. It takes a lot of gallons of fuel to recover that money.

The reason I like our TDI Touareg is simple, I can drive 700 miles on a tank. But I've accepted the fact that I'm not saving much (or any) money doing it.
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