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Originally Posted by cheezypoof View Post
I don't think you listened, or want to hear, my argument. You're drawing the circle around operating costs. If you draw the circle around total cost of ownership, which is the point I'm making, diesel does not payoff for ~3-4yrs. We see the same failed logic here in lease threads when people brag about low monthly payments while choosing to ignore the chunk of cash they had to pay up front.

Even in the fantasy land where diesel is the same price as mid-grade 91 gasoline the argument holds because you paid $2.5k to $3k more for the car. It takes a lot of gallons of fuel to recover that money.

The reason I like our TDI Touareg is simple, I can drive 700 miles on a tank. But I've accepted the fact that I'm not saving much (or any) money doing it.
The argument was already made that diesels cost a little more to buy, but they command an higher premium on resale. So yes, you are paying more upfront but you are getting more when you sell. And I don't know how much or little you know about leases but most people do not put huge sums out of pocket. And the comparisons were made with 2 leases. Which means if you lease a diesel X5 vs a non diesel similarly optioned the payments will be very close if not cheaper on the diesel because of higher residual/ Eco credits. And that has nothing to do with out of pocket, the comparison is equal terms.

Oh, and yes, you can get ridiculous terms on a lease without putting a big down payment. I just picked up a 2012 750 for when the weather is crappy. $ sticker, 12k miles 36 months $1500 total out of pocket for $680 a month and that includes the tire insurance, window tinting and all weather mats

And your comment about pricing fantasy land is funny. Just because people in your area get gouged at the diesel pump doesn't mean other areas aren't more normal. Diesel is usually +/- 10 cents over premium here....

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