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Originally Posted by miamiboyca View Post
You do not understand leases. My total out of pocket was around $1100.

That included 1st payment (around $700) Registration, (around $250) and a couple other junk stuff that I forget.

My payment is right at $700 per month, for a car whose CAP Cost (sales price) was around $58,000.

Only inexperienced people put lots of money down on leases. And even when they do, they get EVEN LOWER payments than the already low payments of a BMW lease.

We may disagree about diesels, and I get that's an opinion, but you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to leases. No clue whatsoever. You just don't understand them.

The only time a lease looks bad financially is if you keep a car 7 years plus.
I understand leases just fine. I proposed an analogy that putting more down upfront for a lease (which we both know if a fool's game), in exchange for lower monthly payments is similar to paying more for a diesel engine in exchange for lower operating (fuel) costs. The psychology of lower lease monthly payments traps a lot of people and I think the same can be said for those that buy diesel without considering the total picture.

Now, if you can buy a diesel powertrain with equivalent performance, features, etc. for the same price as gasoline, then I have no argument. That is a sweet deal. Personally I didn't know it was possible because I'm mostly familiar with the VW Group lineup of diesels, which all cost $2,500 to $3,000 more than their gasoline equivalent. Completely ignoring the fuel costs, it still take a lot of driving to recover the additional cost of to own.

I'm not familiar with diesel resale/residuals vs. gasoline - I'd be interested to know what a 3yr lease residual % looks like on a Jetta TDI vs. gasoline.
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