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Originally Posted by ndabunka View Post
That notice makes it look like it is for every X5 diesel but it doesn't seem likely since it (appears) to have been a issue for 6 months now and it doesn't seem to be affecting ALL of the trucks built. Certainly, we would have heard more about it on these and other forums, wouldn't we? Instead I think there are only like 2 incidents in the past 6 months one of which is posting in this thread. Does anyone know if this is for EVERY X5 diesel or just a select number of VINs?
In reading the letter provided by marwan, it would seem like they're talking about 2012 35d's manufactured prior to 11/15 only, but I'm making some assumptions...Assumes that a delivery stop can't apply towards anything older than a 2012, as delivery of a new 35d that isn't a 2012/2013 wouldn't need to be accounted for, as it's extremely unlikely. Also, one of the additional attachments had a file name with "2012" in it. If they wanted to do something older that a 2012, they'd have to do something other than a delivery stop. (For example, they'd have to do a "service hold" or something to that effect.)

It's also quite likely it's not all 2012s up to 11/15, as there's no need to check a VIN, as they've noted.

However, that doesn't explain at all why blair780 had his 2012 35d held when stopping in for service last weekend. Based upon my comments above, that would have to have been a complete mis-read by a dealer or service dept.

Also, as others have pointed out, it would seem like BMW would be contacting Owners if it was a widespread issue that was going to lead to holds being placed on any 35d that came through the door, new or used!

But, I'm applying logic to a situation that might not be logical!
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