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Well guys i seemed to have found a self remedy to mine. Now its been 4 months no squeaking no sound what so ever when i am turning either left or right. I am not sure what the problem was and i will explain why...... I read about so many theories that it could be, so 1 day i did this: First i jacked up the car and checked every detail on the steering parts to be in place and proper condition then i WD40 everything and placed marine grease to every moving piece. Dont forget to spray WD40 to the lower steering bearing before attaches to the raquel. Then lowered the car removed the + battery pole and then removed the steering wheel and airbag, so i sprayed and greased the upper bearing of the steering column and also every other moving part under the steering wheel with marine type grease. Put everything back together drove the car and could still hear the noise. Then after a week out of nothing the noise disapeared and its been 4 months now i havent heard anything. Also a couple of weeks after i did what i did i changed my front brake rotors,pads and sensors. So i dont know what was the problem exactly but i think it was something related with the first fix. Now its all good and i am not ashamed of my BMW. Hope it helps you guys too because i was really desperate about this. If any noise pops up again will let you all know but hopefully it doesnt.

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