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Originally Posted by OGIEVA EMOKPAE View Post
I had my car go in for an alignment check then I noticed the Abs and traction light was on afterwards
It turns out one of my Abs speed sensors was bad and so I had this replaced, but After this replacement, the light goes off but when I step on the breaks there is a (pulsing) vibration coming from the break pedals along with a transmitting sound as if the break dics is dented or damaged which is not the case...however when I speed up the traction and Abs come alight again and all the vibrations and noises stop on the application of the breaks this occurs when the traction and ABS lights come on please help...I am confused
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- How to test wheel speed sensors (1) but take note on why the 5-minute ABS DIY quick test doesn't always work, especially on brand new non-OEM wheel speed sensors, by Quick99Si (1)
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