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So i figured i should post some pics of different types of materials i have wrapped with as well, so you guys can get creative!

Nissan 350z interior trim wrapped in 3m 1080 matte blue metallic
sup sup, so got this one all put back together tonight. this is the same car that i did the interior trim in the Hexis blue cf vinyl b4. the Hexis stuff just wasn't as good as any 3m product, had some lifting issues even with heavy amounts of 3m primer94. guess owner got bored of the cf anyways so we did it over again in the 3m stuff! came out great! owner is very happy with the results, this job took around 5hrs total. Wu! Wraps

Audi A6 c5 interior trim wrapped in 3m 1080 brushed blk FOR SALE
sup sup, another Audi A6 c5 trim for sale. this one was wrapped in 3m 1080 brushed black! came out great! also $200.00 ready to go! Wu! Wraps

Honda Odyssey rl1 inteior trim 3m di-noc birds eye maple
up sup, so yea, that's right son! wood grain wrap in da Honda Odyssey van foo! what ya'll know about that! hahaa, but yea, this was some work!... luckily owner pulled all the parts for me! so as you can see the oem finish on the parts were all worn/faded/some faded more than others (weird)/ etc... washed/dried/prepped all the parts (took about 1hr in itself), wrapped'em all up. lots of precise cutting around all the openings, can't just blade away, gotta make all the cuts look smooth and straight. i ordered a 4x5 for this job but still have 60% left over! might do some more random stuff if the owner wants it done... total job time on this is about 6.5/7hrs, i can't remember... came out great tho! who else is up for some wood grain parts?... Wu! Wraps

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