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Rock crawler full wrap Hexis HX20468B ivory gloss
sup sup, so this was day .5 on the rock crawler full wrap. going with Hexis HX20468B ivory gloss for the body & 3m 1080 gloss white for the roof. gonna have that old school land rover look to it! this is my homies long overdue project! did the hood yesterday evening, took me 4hrs to do this damn hood! mainly because i was pretty much the only person working on it. lots of dips and curves to tackle, and the leuvers, man... the leuvers.... those damn things took me like 40min to do both sides!... will complete the rest of the rig sometime later nxt week. he still gotta prep and trim some of the aluminum side parts and stuff... came out great tho! he's super stoked about this! Wu! Wraps
sup sup, so got a chance to work on the rock crawler some more! did the front grill last night. this thing took about 2hrs to complete! not easy but not super hard. i laid down the 3m 1080 gloss white 1st, was kinda tricky dropping into the 2 edges... got it all down nice and flat, and cut by hand. then i laid down some knifeless tape on the edge of the white with a 1-2mm overlap. then i laid down the hexis ivory gloss over the the top, worked it around and cut it just under the headlights. then filled the lower edge with a seam. looks dope! has that old 60's/70's retro look & feel to it. will try and finish the sides & roof of the crawler sometime wed-fri of nxt wk. will keep you guys posted! Wu! Wraps
up sup, so finished the rock crawler today! did the 2 side parts & the roof. also had to touch up some parts on the hood, this things already taken some abuse so couple patches here n there and its good to go. total job time on this was 9.5hrs (i got 9.5 into it, and jackie has 1). the sides will for sure get mangled and dented and torn so nothing too special, just lay it down, press out the air, and trim it right at the edge. i'm sure this will not be the last time i lay vinyl down on this rig. might be doing the face of the rims in white too! owner is lovin tha new look! Wu! Wraps

Honda CBR parts 3m 1080 matte dark gray
sup sup, did these a couple nights ago. Honda CBR parts done in 3m 1080 matte dark gray. parts were pretty beat when brought to me, had to sand some spots a bit more here n there. parts weren't perfect by any means. overall came out great! i wrapped the side parts in 1 piece, the rear fairing in 4 pieces of vinyl (2 sides, 1 front, 1 rear top), and the tank cover in 1 piece with a seam along the bottom as it meets the middle fairing to hold the vinyl down. this job took me 6.5 hrs to complete, as always bike parts are the hardest to wrap! Wu! Wraps

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