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Originally Posted by otonimus View Post
F30 Sport Line: Test drove it, fell in love, bought it. Never owned a 3 before. Drove a few over the years, but never enough to really know them.

Therefore I'm not burdened with:

"The steering isn't responsive enough. Corners like a 73 Lincoln Town Car."

"Car is HUGE now!!! Why did they make it so big?! Handles like a wounded cow."

"Now it's a big fat luxury car for fat naive Americans. It's completely ruined."

"I can't believe they put a 4-cylinder turbo in it!!!!... ARRRRRRGH!!!!"... chick-clack... BLAM!!!... thud





I love this fricking car. Wouldn't change a thing. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

(This is all in good fun folks. Much respect to the inline 6 and its loyal fans)

This was so funny! Congrats in your car man! Enjoy it! It truly is just a great BMW. Whatever others may say.

I had the F30 BMW 328i sport for a few days (about 300 or 350 miles) as part of an extended test drive, and believe me. I test drove the heck out of that thing. Comfort mode, Sport/+ mode, manual shifting, auto, Sport auto. Hard accelerations, hard stops, overtaking slow traffic, uphill, downhills, around corners ... HUD, navigation, phone compatibility, ... The car is just SOLID. And it is FAST! Fast off the line, and still fast and torquey in lower revs. I really enjoyed it, and could not think of anything I would change (including the 4 cylinder turbo N20) except for perhaps bigger more grabby brakes. That's about it. I loved it. Not a week passed before I went and signed the papers.

There is absolutely no comparison with the outgoing e90 328i. The F30 is a very well earned badge in BMW's line-up of 3'ers. History will tell.

My comparisons by the way are:

My current e90 330i (inline 6, naturally aspirated)
My previous e46 330xi (inline 6, naturally aspirated)

Again, congrats, and welcome to the family. Please ignore the naysayers and the trolls.
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