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I've had it in a garage the past day and they have checked through most of the things which could be causing this. Unfortunately they have had no luck resolving the issue. I too ordered the 02 sensor hoping this would be the cause but the mechanics didn't even fit it they were that sure this wasn't the problem.

They seem to think its the timing chain again but that was only replaced by BMW in June (just 5 months ago).. I've decided to bite the bullet and get BMW involved again, its being dropped off there tomorrow so they can diagnose the problem. This other garage could just be saying its the chain because they know its been replaced. Although I'm kind of hoping it is the timing chain (which is a recall issue) and with any luck they will not charge me for the repair again.

A note to all of the early 1 series owners, if you haven't sent your car in to have the timing chain replaced and new guide fitted then do so. I dread to think how many people would have just gone to an independant garage and forked out for the repair.

Thanks for the replies people I will let you know what BMW say tomorrow.

And my milage is only 65000.

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